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We offer the latest in hair care for both men and women. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques through continuing education in cutting, styling, coloring and specialty hair services. Whether you need a haircut, styling, color or extensions—our inspired stylists will be able to help you achieve the look you want.



Total time : 45 minutes


Our Blonde Bombshell treatment keeps your blonde looking bright, shiny, and healthy.  Remove mineral build up, brighten dull or brassy tones, infuse strength and shine with bonding and hydrating treatments leaving your blonde looking and feeling its best. 

What’s in it?  

5 minute Detoxifying treatment to remove mineral or environmental build up

10 mins. Toning and bond building masks to rebuild strength and rejuvenate color

5 Stimulating scalp massage

25 minutes of  warm steam with our most powerful Brazilian Blowout’s Rewind Treatment to strengthen diameter, shine, and elasticity.



Total Time: 30 minutes

Balance and nourish your locks with this extremely moisturizing treatment that helps tame and combat stubborn frizz.

What’s in it?

Restore your scalp and hair’s PH with our Balancing Shampoo

Deep Hydration + Smoothing rich masks under warm heat for 20 minutes

5 minutes of stimulation scalp massage 


Smooth + DeFrizz Protocol:

Step 1: AG Balance Shampoo, rinse;

Step 2: Unite Lazer Straight Shampoo or another lines smoothing shampoo, rinse;

Step 3: Apply your choice of AG moisture mask w/ Schwarzkopf Blondme Mask OR Unite 7 seconds mask mixed with Blondme Bonding Mask; 

Step 4: Massage with mask in for 5 minutes to stimulate scalp and relax client;

Step 5: apply Plastic cap and Steam for 15 minutes;

Step 6: rinse out. Apply Brazilian Bond builder contracting spray to comb out



Total time: 30 minutes

Feeling thin, lifeless, and dull? Rewind the breakdown of aging and revitalize your strands.  This treatment volumizes and plumps each strand while improving elasticity and shine.

What’s in it:

Nutrient Rich Lather

5 minute stimulating scalp massage with protein rich ingredients

20 minutes of Steam Heat using B3 Rewind Treatment to add diameter, build strength, improve elasticity + shine 


Anti -Aging Protocol:

Step 1: Shampoo using Virtue Repair or Full  Shampoo, rinse;

Step 2: remove excess water and apply Virtue Restorative Mask  or Repair Conditioner;

Step 3: Relax client with soothing scalp massage for 5 minutes, Rinse;

Step 4: towel dry and apply B3’s rewind treatment and plastic cap;

Step 5: apply under steam for 20 minutes;

Step 6: rinse and comb out 



Total time: 30 minutes

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. This treatment removes build up and balances your PH whether you are fighting flakes or oil. Slough away dead skin cells and infuse the scalp with nutrient rich products, restoring balance to both your hair and scalp.


What’s in it? 

Balancing PH Shampoo and customized scalp scrub, 15 minutes of warm steam with our hydrating scalp and hair mask, and soothing scalp massage with stimulating serum


Scalp Care Protocol:

1:Select ph shampoo based on specific needs ( AG Balance, KM, or just clarifier);

Step 2: Shampoo with Scalp scrub ( with grit)  from KM or R&Co Massage and stimulate scalp for 5 minutes with this product. Rinse; 

Step 3:  apply Virtue Scalp Mask and brush through root to end. Cap and place under steam for 15 minutes;

Step 4: rinse mask, towel dry, and comb out;

Step 5: Apply scalp serum in rows at scalp and massage 5 minutes 



Total time 30 minutes

Infuse your hair with extreme moisture and shine with this nutrient rich steam treatment

What's in it? 

Our Clarifying treatment to remove build up so moisture can better penetrate

Moisture Rich Lather

Stimulating Scalp massage

Hydrating Mask + Warm Steam for 15 minutes


Hydrate + Shine Protocol:

Step 1: Clarify hair using blondme detox or Unite Weekender. Let sit 5 minutes, rinse;

Step 2: Shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo such as Unite 7 seconds, Virtue Smoothing, or curl shampoo, rinse;

Step 3: towel dry, Apply 7 seconds mask or Ag moisture mask liberally working evenly throughout hair, comb through and let sit;

Step 4: Give 5 minute soothing scalp massage; 

Step 5: Place plastic cap on and place client under steam 15 minutes;

Step 6: rinse and comb out 


REPAIR - $55

Total time: 30 minutes

Weak, dull, lifeless over processed hair? This treatment will help rebuild strength, elasticity, and moisture and bring hair back to life. We recommend a series of these treatments for extreme damage.  

What's in it?

Gentle lather to open hair’s cuticle 

A balance of protein + moisture products that won't “over-keratinize” or weigh-down the hair

B3 extreme conditioner +  bond building shot warm steamed into the hair

Stimulating scalp massage


Repair Protocol:

Step 1:  Shampoo with Virtue Repair Shampoo, rinse;

Step 2: towel dry hair and apply B3 Demi Perm conditioner with 1 shot of b3 mixed into it.  Apply with brush and comb through roots to ends saturating hair;

Step 3: Lay client back down and massage scalp for 5 minutes;

Step 4: apply plastic cap and steam for 20 minutes;

Step 5:  Rinse and comb-out 

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